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TRISI Endorsements

Section22. Endorsements

If you would like to add a constructive comment to this proposal here, please would you email it to Brian Rogers at
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“The need to identify, acknowledge and appropriately address the trauma which underpins diverse mental and physical health as well as psychosocial and intergenerational impacts is substantial. Broad-based implementation of the trauma-informed and resilience-informed principles underpinning the TRISI Institute are critical to advance the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.”

Dr Cathy Kezelman, President ASCA - Adults Surviving Child Abuse (Australia)


Your work is very important. I have argued many times that untreated or unaddressed trauma is a serious cause of violence and aggression both here and in the Middle East”

Prof Steven Friedman, Political Scientist

“If advanced countries have developed systems of resilience and trauma care that can enhance the performance of the work we are doing in community child abuse and neglect, then we certainly want to assess the impact they can make in our own communities. It would seem ideal if we had a local Institute where we can go to both augment our care giver skills and contribute our own findings and successful Ecological Model for the benefit of others. In this way the advancement of primary care can take a collective leap forward.

I would therefore very much endorse all effort to establish such a centre and encourage the readers of this document to take the proposition seriously and contribute their own efforts to the furtherance of this objective.”

Dr Nobs Mwanda M.D., BSc, MBBCh, DCH, MSc, CEO COPESSA; ASHOKA Fellow.

“I am truly impressed with what you are tackling here and wish you and your organisation everything of the best. It is wonderful to see a holistic, community based approach.”

Dr Lynne Derman, Managing Consultant, Goldfish Consulting.

“I am so excited to read what you’ve written. It’s fantastic and you’ve managed to put down what I’ve been dreaming about putting together myself in a very coherent and thorough way. Well done! “

Dr Lane Benjamin, Director CASE – Community Action towards a Safer Environment



“South Africa is a country that carries a deep and traumatic wound. This is a wound that infects the well-being of individuals and generations. It understandably continues to impact profoundly on all, across generations and chronology.

Brian Rogers has been willing to stand up for and represent the voice of unbearable suffering and not turn away from, feel victimised by or deny the impact of generations of discrimination and violence. He not only represents the living but speaks for those that are no longer with us-the children, the Men and Women, Fathers and Mothers and Grandparents.

The Wound that the Rainbow Nation carries will not, and cannot, simply self-heal. It calls out for and demands attention to its pain, grief, suffering and loss. For the Nation and its people to heal, there needs to be action. Without action the deep wounding will continue to impact on all, generation after generation, as each passes their pain and grief on.

Brian Rogers understands and has lived through trauma. He speaks with the voice of experience. He feels what the Nation feels because he has been there.

I urge that attention be paid to his vision and to his willingness to sacrifice everything he has to contribute to a collective healing. I wish him well on this journey. He is a remarkable Man and Warrior.”

Barry Zworestein. Clinical Psychologist; Head of learning support at a private school and contract counsellor for the Australian Vietnam Veterans Counselling Services and Australian Defence Force.

“I would love to work through your research with resilience vs trauma… I am a PhD-student (Resilience vsbrain injury) - and your work is an inspiration.”

Lida Möller - Student



I have just read through parts of the post on Post Apartheid and TRISI and thought it well to message you. What a fantastic piece of literature! Thank you. I loved it! It left me with tears and motivated to complete this year of my studies. It is inspiring to see the effort you are making to raise awareness and I can only pray that the passion I have for criminal psychology will one day match your passion. Thank you again for sharing and congratulations! I know that this is another step towards an amazing breakthrough in mental health and for all those who are involved. Well done!”

Heidi Lourens - Student