“More than 6 million South Africans have been affected by events that have led to PTSD that should be treated.”

“The unseen cost to the South African economy is over R80billion annually”

“Unresolved Trauma is the fuel for the cycle of violence that perpetuates in our communities, including gangland activity, murder, crime, rape and suicide”

“Trauma does not distinguish between race, age, gender, wealth or social standing”

“There are only 2 692 registered clinical psychologists in South Africa and about 380 practicing psychiatrists”.

“Only 14% (375) of the registered clinical psychologists in South Africa practise in the public sector, which serves, in medical terms, 85% of the population, or 42.5 million people”

“’Untreated PTSD results in on-going emotional pain and suffering, difficulty with families and jobs, self-destructive and criminal behaviour, homelessness, and incarceration…’ Jonathan Shay, M.D., Ph.D.”